Women Orbitkey Desk Mat
  • Women Orbitkey Desk Mat
  • Women Orbitkey Desk Mat
  • Women Orbitkey Desk Mat
  • Women Orbitkey Desk Mat

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    Transform your workspace with the Orbitkey Desk Mat – a clever desk mat with built-in organisational features to optimise your workspace; helping you stay productive and do your best work everyday. Create a clutter-free zone so you can focus on the task at hand, free of unnecessary distractions.

    - Measurements: Medium (L68.6cm x W37.3cm x H0.49cm); Large (L89.6cm x W42.3cm x H0.49cm)

    - Available in Black and Stone to suit any style and space.

    - Made from premium vegan leather and 100% recycled PET felt.

    - Creates visual structure in your work area, helping you organise your work tools in a defined space.

    - Document hideaway to store loose papers and notes.

    - Movable magnetic cable holder keeps cables in place.

    - Toolbar to keep stationery and work essentials organised.

    - Protects your desk from scratches, stains and spills.

    - Premium vegan leather is exceptionally durable, water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean.

    - Smooth surface to write on and to use your mouse with ease – suitable for both right and left-handed users.

    - Keep your desk tidy throughout the day – so you’re always organised and ready for the next.

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